Monday, May 16, 2016

Session 2

Before the group left the jail, they decided to take a look around to see if anything of value was left behind by the resigning sheriff and her deputies. The locks on the cabinets and sheriff's lock box proved to be easily defeated and the group helped themselves to all the items contained therein. After all, once they left, they just couldn't leave all that stuff behind with no one tending to the empty jail - someone could come in and steal it all.

Just as soon as they left the jail to go back and report to Razelago, the former deputies decided to ambush them right outside the jail. This very ill-conceived plan ended very quickly with the deputies severely injured, unconscious, and naked locked up in the jail cells. The only thing that kept them alive was that murder is still illegal in the town - and dead people make great martyrs while imprisoned ones make good examples.

For their excellent efforts the group was rewarded by Razelago and the next day met the Archbaron  and officially went into service for him and Queen and Country by swearing the Hellfire Compact. It was then that they met the true Razelago - a zebub, or an accuser devil as they are more commonly known. For their first official assignment, they were to arrest Bolgart Caggan, the owner of the Last Stand Tavern, for breaking the new decrees. They were also to interrogate Riley Kels, a bard of some minor ability, who was signing about meeting an "angel of the glorious reclamation."

During the day they met some more of the townsfolk while shopping, including the man in charge of the docks, Mr. Imgoe who happens to be able to get and dispose of whatever the party may need that other vendors and shopkeepers would not be inclined to deal with.

The arrest and interrogation went well. Caggan found a new home in one of the pillories outside the jail and Kels turned out to be cooperative - giving up the information he had and agreeing to go back to the tavern and write new songs about being a good citizen of Longacre and Cheliax.

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