Monday, May 9, 2016

Session 1

Cimri Staelish brought four associates together to start working with her for Razelago. The five of them made quite the motley bunch: Auberon, the muscular dhampir bloodrager; Zelda, the cold changeling undead lord cleric of Urgathoa; Koshmar the stout duegar blight druid; Finwe the local-born half-elf executioner slayer; and Cimri Staelish another local-born human rogue destined to steal everything not nailed down.

Their first 'job' together was to relieve Jabral Louslik of his money since his business, the Louslik Tannery, hasn't been paying its taxes. The five were successful in this endeavor  - only killing Louslik's dogs, dousing his gong-pot farmers in vats of chemicals and excrement, and thoroughly humiliating 'Ole Louslik himself.

After receiving their payment and mild praise from Razelago, they were instructed to attend a gathering hosted by Fifth Sword Knight Tileavia Allamar of the church of Iomedae to find out what was going on and to burnish armbands of Cheliax and House Thrune to remind the population of Longacre who the government really is. After a rousing speech by Allamar and the unveiling of a supposed silver helmet gift from the Glorious Reclamation, the (anti-) heroes were able to diminish the burgeoning rebellious feelings swelling up in the crowd by injecting some of their own oratory. It was at this rally that they met Rhona Staelish, the town's sheriff and Cimri's aunt.

Their next task assigned to them was to post the latest decrees by Archbaron Fex, the town's ruling noble. While wearing their armbands they posted these notices at the Notice Post, The Castle Gate - which they also closed, The Last Stand Tavern, and the town's jail. This is where they also gave Rhona a special note from the Archbaron that relieved her of her station. Outraged, all the deputies also quit their jobs and walked out leaving Razelago's (and the Archbaron's) messengers alone in the jail.

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