As ambitious as she is bitter, Cimri Staelish wants nothing more than to get out of Longacre — and leave it burning behind her. A self-taught thief and fighter, she has no qualms about removing any obstacle that stands in her way. And recently she has fallen in with some people that may help her get out of Longacre.

Cimri is the first person that the player characters meet and work with in Longacre.

Razelago is Cimri's and now the PCs mysterious benefactor. He has only been seen as a silhouette of a bald man behind a paper curtain with a creepy, high-pitched sounding voice and vocal inflections. None of them know what Razelago actually looks like. But so far his gold is good.

The group found out that Razelago is an accuser devil after they took the Hellfire Compact.

Rhona Staelish is the aunt of Cimri Staelish. The two have a strained relationship at best - with Rhona trying to keep Cimri living on the right side of the law. Up until recently, Rhona had been sheriff of Longacre - but recent events have seen her 'relieved of her duties to the town.' What she does now with her life is anybody's guess.

Archbaron Darellus Fex is the group's newest employer since taking the Hellfire Compact. They are now officials within the Archbaron's government. He pays them 150 gold a week as a retainer fee and to enforce his new decrees on a daily basis throughout the town.