Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Session 3

Our "heroes" are now considered the defacto enforcers of the Archbaron's Decrees and the keepers of the law in the town of Longacre. The rest of the town's guards appeared to have no issue with this and fell right in line.

There were some open dissenters, of course - like the person who decided to throw horse dung at the jail's windows at the break of dawn for a couple days in a row.  But that turned out to be little Jemmy Kemmaino acting out her frustrations with the changes in the town. But a 'friendly' visit with her parents set the youngster straight.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ingoe came by and gave them a intercepted letter that he thought would be interesting to our group of newly minted lawmen and women. Of course, he bartered for a weekly consulting fee of which the group agreed. The letter told of the dire straights the hospice under Dr. Rohalendi was in and was meant to be delivered to her cousin, a lesser noble named Nivianne Giatanno, in Remesiana. Recognizing the potential the situation presented, the party decided to take up a collection amongst themselves and presented it to the good Doctor. She was surprised and amazed and quite grateful. They even helped her out around the place and with errands at the urging of the Baron, including a twist of ransacking the place at a later date and to make it look like the rebellion did it.

After a few nights in the stocks, Caggan got very restless and was banging around making a bunch of noise. When the party went to investigate, they were ambushed by some of the former deputies and Caggan turned into a wereboar and broke free of the stocks. But in short order the situation was under control with Caggan dead as well as two of the three deputies. The third was locked up and was destined as feeding stock for Auberon, since the prisoner showed no signs of telling them anything useful.

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